Monday, March 19, 2018

Vancouver's Chinatown

Took a walk around Vancouver's Chinatown on the weekend while visiting family in Vancouver.

Had dinner here. I highly recommend it.

These old tenement buildings bring to mind the Vancouver that I grew up in.

This is the old Vancouver Sun building, once a treasured sight on Vancouver's skyline.

These last two are taken in the lovely Sun Yat Sen Gardens.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Spring has arrived on Yukon Street

Today we sat outside in the sun on the back deck--without jackets. Hooray! I think spring has arrived. We can't complain because we missed most of the rain and wind while we were in Mexico. But what a joy to sit outside and feel warm. Our thermometer registered 24 degrees C. It may have been in the sun a bit--but who cares. It felt like 24 degrees for a short while.

This is what happened to the trees in the park across the street over the weekend. They blossomed.

Happy Spring.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

A Walk around the block

We woke up this morning to pale sunshine and pretty much all the snow melted away. Spring is showing her face here and there. I took my camera for a little walk to capture the day.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Winter's last gasp?

It snowed a couple of nights ago. And it was really pretty--for a few hours. After dinner I headed off to a meeting in our neighbourhood crunching through the snow. Everyone was out enjoying a taste of the winter the rest of Canada experiences.

The following morning we headed off to Beacon Hill Park. The snow shadows make for nice photos of dead grass. And we enjoyed seeing the ice on the ponds and lakes there.

But it seems that it didn't make the ducks very happy. They had abandoned their usual practice of swimming around ducking under the water to feed. They were standing disconsolately around at the edge of the melting snow wondering what to do.

These ones had discovered something edible in the mud at the edge of the snow and we busy feeding there. Including one Canada Goose that had flown in from somewhere else. (Usually we see these out at the bigger lakes but not often in the park).

Across the lake there were bunches of ducks shivering on the ice and looking very unhappy and cold indeed. 
I love the way their orange feet show up against the ice. We felt quite sorry for the ducks, who are really not used to their ponds being frozen over. Fortunately as we were leaving, a guy pulled up in his car and started scattering duck food around on the pathway.

Here's what happened then: Every duck within sight started running or flying over to join the fray. 

We left the park knowing that the ducks were being fed and headed home to make our own cozy dinner. There's something nice about cooking on a snowy night.


Today there's still snow but it's melting. There may be a little more tonight but the forecast is for temperatures to rise tomorrow. We're hoping that it's winter's last gasp--and so are the ducks.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Of tulips, snowdrops and iguanas

The valentines day flowers are still looking perky and the sun is shining. It's mighty cold outside though, hovering around 0 degrees Centigrade but when we're inside looking out it feels as though spring may soon arrive in Victoria.

The snowdrops are up in my garden and the crocuses are popping up everywhere so it can't be too far away.  We're gradually getting absorbed back into our life at home.

It's funny how it takes a while to remember what it is we do in our days after we've been away for a while.  I'm back to my bungee and fitness classes and we had a social weekend reconnecting with friends.

But now my mind is going back to a few pretty cool things we saw in Zihuatanejo. Here's an iguana resting on a tree trunk and a shot of boys playing soccer on the beach and a lovely condo we spotted just back from the beach on our last day after spending the morning on Playa Madera. Things like this we will miss.